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AP Calculus Exam Prep

Get ready to crush your AP Calc AB Exam in our IN-PERSON Conquering Calculus Clinic

Exam Prep Details



Whether you're a calculus whiz or need a little extra help, our Conquering Calculus Exam Prep will give you the edge you need. You must be registered in an AP Calculus class in order to register for this session.


Where & When


West Springfield High School
6100 Rolling Road West Springfield, VA 22152

Session Times:

Saturday, May 4th 1pm-4pm

Sunday, May 5th 2pm-5pm


What & Why

Well..this is definitely an Exam Prep course to help you to practice exam questions for the AP Calculus Exam coming up on  May 13th.

It will cover Units 1-8 in the AP Calculus AB Curriculum and help you feel more comfortable and confident about derivatives,  integration and the applications of those various concepts.

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